Engineered to withstand attack


The solution to beat shoplifters has changed

Anti-tamper Spikes

Glass Ink-Filled Ampoules

Dissuasive Design

Tamper-proof Seal

Pin Park-Hole


Reducing Tagged Stock Theft by 60%

Improved In-store Sales

FoxTag has been designed with cutting-edge mechanisms, reliability and ergonomic use in mind.

Drive down loss from in-store theft with FoxTag unique features:

  • Tamper-resistant design.
  • Unique locking and detaching.
  • Compatible with existing AM, RF and RFID technology systems.
  • Available in AMRF and RFID technology.
  • Special swivel pin design ensures that pinheads cannot be removed through spinning.
  • Integrated ink ampoules for maximum tamper-resistance and deterrence.

Implementing FoxTag is easy.

Simply remove your existing tags and replace with FoxTag

Full ROI within 6-12 months,

depending on volumes implemented.

Thieves move to other targets

and neighbouring stores.